SAE Opens Doors for the Day


24 Jul 2018




SAE Opens Doors for the Day

24 Jul 2018

On Saturday July 28, SAE Creative Media Institute will open its doors to their state-of-the-art Auckland campus. For any students considering studying audio, music or film production, open day is the time to speak to the experienced SAE team about beginning a career in the booming creative industries.

Based in Parnell, Auckland, the SAE Open Day will be a chance for aspiring creatives to tour the facilities, meet the staff and discuss all aspects of studying with SAE, including any questions about the New Zealand Government’s ‘fees-free’ initiative.

SAE Open Day begins at 11am and closes at 3pm. There will be no schedule on the day – visitors can join one of the campus tours at different times throughout the day. The event is open to all ages, so family members are welcome. 

SAE Auckland has recently been accredited to deliver the new internationally recognised New Zealand diplomas in Audio, Electronic Music and Screen Production - and is particularly excited to be stepping into the territory of music production. 

The Academic Manager at SAE Auckland, Dr Stephen Small, said: “We are well known for film and for audio, but we have increasingly found many of our audio students identify as musicians and are keen to produce their own music. Therefore, our new music production programme will be enthusiastically received by many of our current and future students.”

The programmes have been developed to be industry relevant, and to prepare students for successful careers in creative media.

In the most recent NZQA External Evaluation and Review (EER) SAE received the highest possible rating as a high performing, high-quality tertiary provider. SAE Auckland offers workshops, Diplomas and Degrees in Audio, Music and Screen Production.

SAE is at capacity for 2018 but they will be taking applications on the day for the 2019 intakes.