SAE Launches Revamped Certificate in EMP (Electronic Music Production)


28 Jul 2017




SAE Launches Revamped Certificate in EMP (Electronic Music Production)

28 Jul 2017

SAE is pleased to announce the redeveloped SAE Certificate in Electronic Music Production. Starting in September 2017, the revamped EMP is flexible and tailored to meet specific growing demands from industry.

The EMP Certificate will run as six stand-alone weekend workshops covering the basics of basics of DIY electronic music production. Each workshop focuses on different aspects of using the latest production software: Ableton Live, Avid Pro Tools and Apple Logic Pro.

Students will get practical hands-on experience in industry standard software and production techniques. Each workshop is a self-contained introduction to the tools and skills needed to get off the ground with music production goals using a particular DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Designed to be flexible, any number of workshops can be done in any order. Students can do one workshop if they want to upskill in one specific area, or they can complete the six workshops and gain the SAE Certificate in Electronic Music Production. The SAE Certificate represents a solid foundational knowledge in all three pieces of software.

SAE Audio Lecturer John Ropiha is running the course. He says, “Each workshop is bite-sized with a practical focus. It’s designed to be a crash course in using new technology to develop skills in music production.”

You have to be 17 or over to take the workshops, but John is happy to take keen Year 13 students or those studying music at other tertiary institutions into the programme.

“It’s a great way to test out if a further qualification in audio is for you. And being on weekends, it’s designed to fit around other commitments like work or other study.”

Dr. Stephen Small, Academic Manager at SAE is excited by the possibilities the new EMP Certificate offers. “We redeveloped the EMP workshops to meet industry demand,” says Dr. Small. “The aim is to provide an opportunity for music practitioners to upskill, and for beginners to gain a practical introduction to the world of electronic music production.”

The weekend workshops begin on 23th September and will be ongoing monthly. They will run on the last weekend of every month.

Each weekend workshop costs $340. Participants need to get a ticket from Eventbrite to attend. More info on the programme here.

For more information about SAE New Zealand, visit or call T: +64 (09) 373 4712