SAE Bachelor of Recording Arts New Graduate - Donna Kavanagh


7 Feb 2018




SAE Bachelor of Recording Arts New Graduate - Donna Kavanagh

7 Feb 2018

Donna Kavanaghhas a grin a mile wide as she prepares to graduate from the SAE Bachelor of Recording Arts on 1 February 2018. She says, ‘Studying at SAE is one of the biggest and most rewarding challenges I have ever undertaken.’

Donna chose to study at SAE when she realized that despite a successful career as a sales representative, she wanted a change. ‘I went back to my passion: music.’  

Donna started composing music aged six and released two albums by the age of 13, but then stopped when she turned 16. ‘I thought about what I really wanted from my life and realized that I wanted to learn how to record.’

Changing career paths was a risk that paid off. On completing her degree, Donna landed a job as an audio engineer for NZLIVE TV.

Donna says she’s always loved music and film and choose SAE as it blended the two.

‘It was a perfect fit. While studying here, I discovered that I have a passion for film and audio engineering as well as writing music and decided to pursue a career in Film and Television where I could do both.’

While studying at SAE, Donna says she was given so many amazing opportunities.

‘At SAE I met the most amazing people who are as passionate about music and film as I am. SAE taught me everything I needed to know, introduced me to the right people, created opportunities for me to network and collaborate, provided access to state of the art equipment and technology and encouraged me to follow my dreams.’ 

‘With SAE’s support, I was accepted into an industry intensive at Park Road Post Production, worked as a tutor on SAE’s inaugural beginner, women-only, film and audio initiatives ChicFlix and ChicMix, plus landed a full-time position at NZLIVE TV as an audio engineer. And I have continued working freelance on the side as a composer on a documentary in England!’

Donna’s advice to new students is ‘don’t wait for it to happen, make it happen.’ 

Donna will be graduating with SAE’s Bachelor of Recording Arts on 1 February