Demand soars for creative media programmes


20 Jul 2018




Demand soars for creative media programmes

20 Jul 2018

Demand for education programmes at SAE Creative Media Institute has reached new heights in New Zealand, with the Auckland campus filling its enrolment quota for the year.

With the roll sitting at 107% SAE simply does not have space for any more students until 2019 – and if the inquiry list is anything to go by their state of the art studios will be full up by this time next year too. 

Enquiries from prospective students aspiring to a career in audio, music or film suggest that places at the tertiary institute will also be in hot demand in 2019.

“We had a waiting list for all intakes this year,” said Swap Gomez, SAE Auckland student recruitment and enrolment officer. “We have no places left and had to cancel some upcoming intakes. And now we have a very long enquiry list for 2019.” 

SAE Creative Media Institute is a Category 1 provider and has been accredited to deliver the new New Zealand Diplomas in Audio, Electronic Music and Screen Production from February 2019.  They also offer degrees in these disciplines and suggest the demand for education in the creative fields is a reflection of a boom in the sector. 

“The creative industries in New Zealand are thriving,” said Dr Suzette Major, SAE Auckland Campus Director. “Students recognise there are great career opportunities, and we are filling our classes much earlier than anticipated” 

The New Zealand creative industries have been growing at a faster rate than the New Zealand economy for over ten years now. The Auckland creative sector is particularly booming with over half of all people employed in the creative sector based in Auckland, and employment growing on average 2.2 percent each year between 2000 and 2016. 

“It’s becoming widely known in the sector that SAE Auckland offers our students up to date and relevant training”, explains Dr Major. 

In the most recent NZQA External Evaluation and Review (EER) SAE received the highest possible rating as a high performing, high-quality tertiary provider. SAE Auckland offers workshops, Diplomas and Degrees in Audio, Music and Screen Production.