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Our academic team are here to guide and mentor you through your course at SAE. You will find them very approachable and friendly and willing to take the time to support you, offer advice and direction to assist you in achieving your desired outcomes.

Experienced counsellors are available to assist with areas of emotion well-being and offer guidance on any aspect of life such as:

  • Homesickness and loneliness
  • Personal relationships
  • Financial problems
  • Employment options
  • Relationship issues with family and friends
  • Legal difficulties
  • Personal Health, and any other concerns.

For students with English as a second language, SAE offers you support via our on-campus network of staff and services.

These include:

Our Library: Utilise our vast resources to support your studies and improve your academic English skills.

Linked in Learning: All SAE students have complimentary access to this learning resource. Choose from any of the English language or subject-specific modules to support your learning journey.


Student Support

Alex Harter
[email protected]
+64 9 373 4712

Alex Twidle
[email protected]
+64 9 373 4712



Amber Leigh ‘Stevie’ Stevens
Ph: +64 9 394 7990
[email protected]


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