Kia ora SAE staff and students

Late this afternoon, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that the current Alert Level 3 status in place for the Auckland region will be extended for a further 12 days until midnight Wednesday 26 August. The alert levels will be reviewed by Cabinet again on 21 August.  
I’m sure this news is disappointing as it delays our ability to return fully back to campus. Nevertheless, it is critical that the current COVID-19 community outbreak is brought under control as quickly as possible. Remaining at Alert Level 3 helps stop the spread of the virus and helps keep us and our community safe. 

Whilst at Alert Level 3, and being mindful of minimising disruption to your studies, I would like to therefore make the following 2 announcements:

1. Temporary and partial opening of our studios and labs

  • I am very aware that there were multiple assignment hand-ins occurring over the past few days and closing our campus temporarily has halted that process. This is why Dr Stephen Small implemented an institutional-wide extension across all Trimester 2 assignments until next Monday 17 August, 5pm (if needed).
  • In light of this institutional-wide extension period and recognising that some of you need access to our labs/studios or equipment to complete your assignments, we will temporarily open 10 and 18 Heather St for the next 3 days until Monday 5pm.
  • This partial opening is ONLY for students who require access to campus for the sole purpose of completing or submitting an assignment. This may include retrieving work that is on an SAE computer or using our studios/equipment.
  • This brief re-opening of 10 and 18 Heather St will be undertaken in a strictly managed way. The Level 3 protocols that we must all abide by are attached. Some key points to highlight are:
    • You must seek approval from Alex Ferrier PRIOR to arrival and undergo a clearance check
    • You must have downloaded the COVID-19 app and scan our QR code upon arrival
    • You must abide by strict physical distancing of 2metres or more
    • You must wear a mask and gloves whilst on site (they will be provided at the entranceways)
    • You should be on site for as limited time as possible
    • You must not come to campus if you are sick, or regarded as high risk of contracting COVID-19
    • Only students that specifically need access to our facilities for the purpose of completing and/or submitting work should come to campus. If you can, please stay home and complete/submit your assignments from home.
  • As noted in Dr Stephen Small’s announcement on Wednesday afternoon, if you are still unable to fully complete your assessable work by the Monday 5pm deadline, please submit your partially completed assignment with an explanation of what is missing and why
  • At this stage, the campus will be fully closed again on Monday 17 August at 5pm. 

2. Change to start date of Trimester 3

  • In light of the Alert Level 3 lockdown, I am extending our Trimester break by an additional week. Our start date for Trimester 3 will now be Monday 31 August.
  • This means that your end-of-year date will also be extended by one week, with the final week of teaching now concluding on Friday 20 November. 
  • Should we still be Alert Level 3 by Monday 31 August, we will commence the beginning of Trimester 3 through online classes.
  • The updated 2020 Academic Year is attached

It is hoped that these two measures will help give you the best chance to successfully complete your studies, whilst keeping you and our broader SAE community safe.

Please continue to keep an eye on the Slack #announcements channel, as well as our SAE Auckland COVID response website for any updates: And, as always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any queries or concerns. While my team and I are all working off campus for awhile, we are still here and hold your SAE studies and your wellbeing at the forefront of our minds. 

Keep safe and well everyone.


Campus Director